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The Test of Time Award recognizes distinguished single works of architecture and planned developments affecting more than one building, after a period of 25 years in which the function, aesthetic statement, and execution can be reassessed. Further, it is the intent of the program to recognize works that, by the timelessness of their design, have influenced that building or building type.

Eligible projects must have been designed by a licensed architect who is a member of AIA Northwest Florida and who was practicing in the area at the time of the original project completion although the project it may be located anywhere in the world. The project must be standing in substantially completed form, in good condition, and should substantially still carry out the original program. Change in use is permitted when it has not substantially altered the original intent of the design. Buildings whose basic function have been modified, or have been adapted for reuse are eligible. The project may be of any building type or may be one of a group of buildings forming a single project. Projects previously submitted for the Test of Time Award that did not receive the award may be resubmitted.

Only projects completed 25 years ago or more are eligible for this award.

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